Call for a California Constitutional Convention


Californians are innovative and inclusive problem solvers. Yet today, we are powerless to fix our state’s problems because California’s state constitution is defective.

Written in 1878, California’s constitution has become outdated, complex and undemocratic, preventing Californians of all backgrounds and political stripes from addressing our state’s challenges together.

Unless we revisit our state’s governing document, the status quo will continue to suffocate our efforts to fix California.

We propose an independent, representative, and people-led constitutional convention to reimagine our state’s governing document for the twenty-first century.

As Californians, we have a right to determine how to govern ourselves. And there is no greater expert on the issues facing California and what is best for our future than fellow Californians.

A Californian-led convention with delegates chosen by lot embodies a transformative, representative, public process that will engage ordinary Californians from all walks of life in an authentic way, putting them at the center of governance.

Together, we can become problem solvers again and make California a stronger, inclusive, and responsive democracy.

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